Thursday, December 22, 2005

About the Foundation

This is the official blog of the Solis Foundation. This blog will provide comments and journal entries from Solis Foundation employees, volunteers, donors and partners. After the official website is launched in January of 2006, this blog will continue to provide updates. I hope you visit this blog and the Solis corporate website on a consistent basis to hear how the organization is helping others throughout the world.

Best Regards,
Genesis Capunitan
Solis Foundation, Managing Director

What we do:
Poverty exists in many forms throughout the world and the US. Launched in 2005, the members and supporters of the Solis Foundation understand that poverty is the root cause for many of the social, political and economic challenges that many societies face. The Solis Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides micro-loans, grants and donations to help people who live below the poverty line to create sustainable lives by providing support to create small businesses, food, shelter and medicine.


Blogger Dustin James said...

Looks good brother. I look forward to seeing the website launched!

9:25 PM  
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