Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Solis Programs and Grants

Community Grants
The Solis Community Grants provides donors and supporters an opportunity to invest in community development either through Solis specific programs or programs from our partners. The fund invests into programs that helps schools purchase books and learning materials, vaccines for ailing patients, food supplies, and building materials for shelters and homes. Recipients of the fund are typically orphanages, hospitals, clinics, and religious organizations. We hope to provide 10 community grants ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 in 2006.

Venture Grants
This program is focused on raising funds to provide grants to small businesses in developing countries. These grants are not to be repaid back to the Solis Foundation but some of the proceeds may be reinvested in their respective communities. Currently, venture grants are given to small businesses in foreign countries. We hope to provide 100 grants ranging from $100 to $500 to small businesses in 2006.

Micro-Enterprise Fund
The Solis Foundation Micro-Enterprise Fund provides donors and supporters an opportunity to help create sustainable small businesses in developing communities. The fund will support Solis specific programs or programs from our partners. The Micro-Enterprise fund will provide small loans that when paid back will either be reinvested into their community or fund another small business. Typical small businesses are metal recyclers, farms, taxi services, retail shops, etc. Our goal is to provide loans to 10 small businesses in Kenya in 2006.


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