Monday, June 26, 2006



Friday 15 September

Leidsekade 50 Amsterdam


Malnourishment, extreme poverty, and despair … daily realities for hundreds of million people around the world. Caught in a cycle of poverty, these people need access to training and capital and tools to lift themselves out of their poverty with dignity and determination.

Zolder50 and Solis Amsterdam want to act against social injustice by organising the first Solis Fundraising Dinner on 15 September 2006. We have two goals for this evening: sharing a great dinner and raise money for the Village Enterprise Foundation (VEF).

VEF enables the rural poor to create sustainable incomes by starting small businesses in Kenya. The programmes that Zolder50 and Solis Amsterdam support are: grants for group-based business ($100-150 start-up grants and $300 follow-up grants) and loans for community-based businesses (truck loan for farmers to reach key markets, loan for a bakery at a secondary school).

The dinner is for free, although you are invited to donate, to raise money for the VEF projects.

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Solis Corporate Website Launched & General Update

The corporate website ( is launched. All of the information regarding the programs and how to get involved are posted on the site.

The Solis Foundation is sending a small team to Kenya August 24th to disperse community grants, provide clothing and medical supplies, and identfy new small business opportunities for Kenyans and to work with the Village Enterprise Fund on venture grant and micro-loan development.

General Update: We are happy to announce that 10% of our USD $40,000 goal has been secured and we are currently in a position to fund 33 new businesses in Kenya. We feel God is truly being merciful and loving to bless us with these funds. Thank all of you who have supported Solis thus far and we hope to continue to build our relationships and to help Kenya.