Saturday, May 06, 2006

Moving Ahead With Solis Amsterdam

In September we plan to organize a fundraising dinner at our church, Zolder50. All profit we make will be for a business starting & community project by the Village Enterprise Fund. Of course, we will have great food, but also performances and a DJ.

In Autumn this year, one of the people on our team will join a study trip to Kenya. We believe that field visits will help us to raise awareness for equity problems in the world. Moreover, we hope to build a long term relationship with local communities, so we can help them to meet their needs structurally and substantially.

This month (May) we declared "raising awareness" week for social justice issues at Zolder50. The first week we'll have an introduction on social injustice issues. The second and third week are dedicated to local action (organising a night in an elderly home and redecorating a house of the Salvation Army), and the fourth week we'll talk about the Solis initiative.


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